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Sinophare Bio-technology belongs to the DMS Group. Sinophare is mainly engaged in the R&D and sales of medicines healthcare and medical devices.


Our Business

Our product offerings include pharmaceutical intermediates, raw materials, preparations, nutrition and wellness products, veterinary drugs, as well as medical devices.

​Medical device

Disposable syringe, disposable infusion set, operating kit, disposable medical gloves, disinfectant and other..

Health products

Beauty, Weight loss, Skin care, Sports health, Immunity enhancement and other categories.


We provide comprehensive services such as market research in China, product registration support, CRO (Contract Research Organization), CDMO (Contract Development & Manufacturing Organization), CMC (Chemistry Manufacturing Control), and OEM solutions tailored to meet your specific needs.

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We are a company that can bring you incremental business.​

To supply sustainable, high quality products, competitive price and satisfactory service is our mission. We won high recognition in the international market by professional product knowledge, efficient supply chain management and excellent service, establishing extensive and mature distribution channels in international market.

“Professionalism, honesty and integrity are our cultures. We will try our best to offer good quality products with competitive prices and fast delivery for our customers. We are looking forward to setting up long-term cooperation relationship with you.”


Kaide Kong,

CEO of Sinophare Bio-technology Co., Ltd

Our main products

has more than 1000 kinds of health product formulations, including beauty, weight loss, skin care, sports health, immunity enhancement and other products.

Artemether + Lumefantri 80/1480mg ,Artemether injection 60mg/ml,
Artemether suppositoires 100mg
Ceftraxione powder for injection 1gram/vial*50vials/box
Ceftraxione powder for injection 1 gram+WFI/box
Heparin injection 2ml:5000IU /ampoule*50/box
Heparin injection 2ml:12500IU /ampoule*50/boxheparin
Amoxicillin and Clavulanate Potassium suspension;
Amoxicillin powder for injection
Vitamin D3+K2
Vitamin D3,24mg +K2,180ug Soft capsule 60 capsules/ bottle,
Vitamin D3,24mg +K2,180ug +Caclum 100mg Soft capsule 60 capsules/ bottle
Paracetamol / Acetaminophen suspension 160 mg/5ml*60ml;
Paracetamol / Acetaminophen injection 500mg/5ml ,200mg/2ml
Paracetamol / Acetaminophen Infusion 500mg/50mL ,1000mg/100mL