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Sinophare Bio-technology is a company specializing in the development and wholesale of medical and health products. Mr. KAIDE, the founder, has 23 years of experience.

Sinophare Bio-technology main proxy DMSCAREPHARMA, DMSCHECM SUNBIOLAB, SPBTCL and MEQUINONE-7 brands, products include antipyretic analgesics, anti-infection drugs, antiviral, anticancer drugs, nutrition supplements, disposable medical devices and other products.




GMP Factory

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Our Mission


To achieve highest end-consumer satisfaction by providing quality products at affordable prices.

02. R&D

To provide new solutions for the age-old and new disorders and diseases by comprehensive Research and Development work.


To remain up to date with the latest knowledge and technology in the health-care industry.


And above all, our highest goal is to strengthen the health of the country and the entire world with our range of products and services

Why Choose Us

“Professionalism, honesty and integrity are our cultures. We will try our best to offer good quality products with competitive prices and fast delivery for our customers. We are looking forward to setting up long-term cooperation relationship with you.”

High Quality

Production and acceptance of products according to GMP and ISO standards。

Right price

Understand the global market price, to give customers the best price

CTD Dossiers

All products can provide complete CTD format files for easy customer start

Fast delivery

Special person to track the order to provide service for customers

Our Lab Certification

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