Artesunate 100mg suppository

artesunate supposites

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Artesunate 100 mg for suppository


100mg /suppository 12 suppositories in box

What is the use of artesunate suppository?

Artesunate suppositories are used for the treatment of malaria. Artesunate is an antimalarial water-soluble derivative of dihydroartemisinin. Artemisinins are sesquiterpene lactones isolated from Artemisia annua, a Chinese traditional medicine.


Therapeutic indications
Artesunate Rectocaps are to be used as pre-referral treatment for suspected or proven severe malaria in children aged between 2 months and 6 years, who are unable to take oral medication or obtain injectable antimalarial treatment. The patient should be immediately referred to a facility where accurate diagnosis and complete treatment with effective antimalarials can be instituted.
Posology and method of administration
Limitations of use:
• Artesunate Rectocaps should not be used for patients age 7 and over
• Artesunate Rectocaps should not be used to prevent malaria
• Artesunate Rectocaps are for severe malaria only, and should not be used for uncomplicated
Paediatric population up to age 6
This medicine is recommended for antimalarial treatment as a 10 mg/kg bodyweight single dose; while the patient is being transferred to the nearest health clinic or hospital.
The table below indicates the number of suppositories determined by body weight and age.

Body Weight (kg) Age Number of 100 mg suppositories
5 to ≤142 months to ≤3 years1
>14 to 20>3 to 6 years2