Artesunate and Mefloquine Tablets


Product Description

  • Tablets (200mg+250mg) 12 tablets/blister*1 /box , 300 boxes/carton
  • Tablets (400mg+500mg)  6 tablets/blister*1 /box , 300 boxes/carton
  • Tablets (25mg+50mg)  For Children 12 tablets/blister*1 /box , 300 boxes/carton

Artesunate/mefloquine is a medication used to treat malaria.It is a fixed dose combination of artesunate and mefloquine.Specifically it is recommended to treat uncomplicated falciparum malaria.It is taken by mouth.

Side effects

Side effects are similar to the medications being used separately.


Use is recommended as it decreases the possibility of either medications being used alone.

Dose forms appropriate for children are also available.

Weight (kg)AgeRecommended Dose
5 – < 96 – <12 monthsOne Artesunate/Mefloquine 25/50mg Fg daily for 3 days
9 – < 181 – <7 yearsTwo Artesunate/Mefloquine 25/50mg daily for 3 days