Sinophare Biotechnology delivers China’s high-quality pharmaceutical products and anti-malaria drugs to the world.

Sinophare Biotechnology is dedicated to providing high-quality pharmaceutical products and anti-malaria drugs globally. Our commitment spans over 18 years, during which we have successfully exported medical and health products from China to more than 70 countries, safeguarding approximately 22 million people.

Our extensive product range adheres to the guidelines set by the World Health Organization (WHO) on antimalarial drugs. We have played a crucial role in supplying a variety of antimalarial drugs to Africa, contributing to the efforts of local communities in overcoming malaria and reclaiming healthy lives.

With a focus on meeting international standards, our products have been essential in providing robust medical protection to millions. Sinophare’s dedication to quality is evident through adherence to CGMP standards, ensuring that our products, including specialized antimalarial medications, meet the highest medical and pharmaceutical standards.

Over the years, our global outreach has expanded, encompassing countries in Africa and beyond. We take pride in being a reliable partner in healthcare, fostering international collaborations and contributing to the well-being of diverse populations.

In the pursuit of global health, Sinophare not only provides pharmaceutical solutions but actively engages in the export of essential medical supplies such as disposable syringes, alcohol-free disinfectants, surgical masks, and surgical gowns. Our partnerships with suppliers holding international qualifications, including GMP, CEP, and FDA, attest to our commitment to ensuring the highest standards in healthcare.

Sinophare Biotechnology continues to be a steadfast advocate for global health, striving to make a positive impact by delivering top-notch medical and health products worldwide.