Multivitamin and Fluoride Chewable Tablets

Multivitamin and Fluoride Chewable Tablets

Product Description

It is well established that fluoridation of the water supply (1 ppm fluoride) during the period of tooth development leads to a significant decrease in the incidence of dental caries.

Multivitamin with Fluoride Chewable Tablets provide sodium fluoride and ten essential vitamins in a chewable tablet. Because the tablets are chewable, they provide a topical as well as systemic source of fluoride.

Hydroxyapatite is the principal crystal for all calcified tissue in the human body. The fluoride ion reacts with the hydroxyapatite in the tooth as it forms to produce the more caries-resistant crystal, fluorapatite. The reaction may be expressed by the equation:
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Three stages of fluoride deposition in tooth enamel can be distinguished:

1.Small amounts (reflecting the low levels of fluoride in tissue fluids) are incorporated into the enamel crystals while they are being formed.
2.After enamel has been laid down, fluoride deposition continues in the surface enamel. Diffusion of fluoride from the surface inward is apparently restricted.
3.After eruption, the surface enamel acquires fluoride from the water, food, supplementary fluoride and smaller amounts from saliva.

Nutrition Facts/Serving Size 1 Chewable Tablet/Serving Per Container 30 or 90
Amount Per Serving
(1 Chewable Tablet)
1.0 mg0.5 mg0.25 mg%DV Adults & Children
4 Years or More
Daily Value (%DV) not established
Vitamin A2500 IU2500 IU2500 IU50%
Vitamin C60 mg60 mg60 mg100%
Vitamin D400 IU400 IU400 IU100%
Vitamin E15 IU15 IU15 IU50%
Thiamin1.05 mg1.05 mg1.05 mg70%
Riboflavin1.2 mg1.2 mg1.2 mg70%
Niacin13.5 mg13.5 mg13.5 mg68%
Vitamin B61.05 mg1.05 mg1.05 mg53%
Folate0.3 mg0.3 mg0.3 mg75%
Vitamin B124.5 mcg4.5 mcg4.5 mcg75%
Fluoride1.0 mg0.5 mg0.25 mg*

30 tablets in bottle,
90 tablets in bottle.


Keep this and all medication out of the reach of children. In case of accidental overdose, seek professional assistance or contact a poison control center immediately.

Should be chewed. This product, as with all chewable tablets, is not recommended for children under age 4 due to risk of choking.


The suggested dose of Multivitamin with Fluoride Chewable Tablets should not be exceeded, since dental fluorosis may result from continued ingestion of large amounts of fluoride.

Before prescribing Multivitamin with Fluoride Chewable Tablets:

Determine the fluoride content of the drinking water from all major sources.
Make sure the child is not receiving significant amounts of fluoride from other sources such as medications and swallowed toothpaste.
Periodically check to make sure that the child does not develop significant dental fluorosis.


Allergic rash and other idiosyncrasies have been rarely reported.


One tablet daily or as prescribed.