Martrine Suppository

matrine suppository

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Martrine Suppositories


50mg suppository


6 suppsitories/tray*2/box

【 Ingredients 】 The main ingredients of this product and its chemical name are: matrine.
[Properties] This product is a white or light yellow suppository.
[Indication] antibacterial and anti-inflammatory drugs. For trichomoniasis or candida vaginitis, chronic cervicitis, can also be used for senile vaginitis, pelvic inflammation and so on.
[Usage and dosage] Gynecological external use. Insert it deep into the vagina, one pill at a time, once a night.
[Adverse reactions] have not been reported.
【 Contraindication 】 It should not be used by those who are allergic to this product.

1. This product is for external use, not for internal use.

2. Stop during menstruation. It is best not to use this product three days before menstruation.

3. After the product plays a role, it forms a block of cracked white, light yellow or dark red, and the sheet mixture is discharged, which is a normal phenomenon.
[Medication for Special groups] Precautions for children:
It’s not clear yet.

Precautions during pregnancy and lactation:
Use with caution for pregnant and lactating women.

Precautions for the elderly:
Elderly patients follow the doctor’s advice.
[Drug interactions] are unclear.
Pharmacological effects: This product has been proved by pharmacodynamic experiments that it can increase the total number of white blood cells in normal rabbits, strengthen the body immunity, and has anti-infection effects on dysentery bacillus, skin fungus, amoeba, trichomonas, etc.
【 Storage 】 Sealed, stored below 30℃.