Disposable Fetal Head Suction Device

Product Description

Product name:

Disposable Fetal Head Suction Device


5 pics/ box;12 boxes/carton.


  • The second stage of vaginal labor is slowed down or stagnated, and the mother has difficulty in completing labor;
  • The duration of vaginal second stage of labor has exceeded the normal standard;
  • Vaginal delivery should shorten the second stage of labor due to maternal factors;
  • Vaginal delivery due to fetal factors need to shorten the second stage of labor;
  • Vaginal birth selectively shortened the second stage of labor, alleviated labor pain and pelvic floor injury;
  • The fetal head is taken when the fetal head is high floating in cesarean section;
  • Reduce bleeding and surgical incision tearing during cesarean section.


  • Safe and effective, easy to locate the Flexion Point, ensure the safety of the fetus, and reduce the delivery diameter;
  • Maternal friendliness, reduced cesarean section rate, reduced birth canal injury and Episiotomy use;
  • Widely applicable, can be used for OA/OT/OP, outlet/low/median, VD/CS, significantly improve the vaginal delivery rate;
  • Easy operation, intensive design of PalmPump, Tubes and Cup into one, to achieve single operation;
  • Shorten Labor process, reduce Labor Pain, suitable for VBAC and labor analgesia (LA).