Collagen Capsules

Collagen Capsules

Product Description

Each capsule contains:

Collagen …… 1000 mg


60 capsules in bottle,
120 capsules in bottle

About this item

Pure collagen – Our fish collagen capsules contain pure quality sea collagen type 1 from Pangasius and cichlids. Thanks to the low molecular weight, the marine collagen can be well absorbed by the body. Collagen also has a higher bioavailability than conventional fish collagen.
High-quality collagen hydrolysate – collagen is an important component in skin, hair and nails and the body’s own collagen decreases in age. It can moisturise and maintain elasticity due to its properties. Marine collagen is a protein and according to EFSA this contributes to the maintenance of normal bones and also contributes to the growth of muscle mass.


Take 2 capsules after dinner with a glass of water. We recommend taking the capsules at the same time.