Citicoline injection

citicoline injection

Product Description

Product Name:

Citicoline injection


citicoline sodium 250mg


2ml ampoule *10 tray * 10/ box

Citicoline is a brain chemical that occurs naturally in the body. It’s in dietary supplements in the US, but was originally a prescription drug in Japan.

Citicoline seems to increase a brain chemical called phosphatidylcholine. Citicoline might also increase the amounts of other chemicals that send messages in the brain. It was originally used as a drug to help improve memory and brain function after a stroke.

People use citicoline for age-related decline in memory and thinking, glaucoma, stroke, Alzheimer disease, bipolar disorder, depression, and many other conditions, but there is no good scientific research to support most of these uses.

Don’t confuse citicoline with choline or phosphatidylcholine. These are not the same.

Possibly Effective for

Decline in memory and thinking skills that occurs normally with age. Taking citicoline by mouth or by IV seems to help with memory loss in people over 50 years old. IV products can only be given by a healthcare provider.
A group of eye disorders that can lead to vision loss (glaucoma). Taking citicoline by mouth, as a shot, or as eye drops might improve vision in some people with glaucoma. Citicoline shots can only be given by a healthcare provider.

Possibly Ineffective for

Stroke. Taking citicoline by mouth or by IV doesn’t seem to help with recovery in most people who have had a stroke in the past 24 hours.
There is interest in using citicoline for a number of other purposes, but there isn’t enough reliable information to say whether it might be helpful.